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NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service, founded in 1871 as the U.S. Commission on Fish and Fisheries, is the Nation's oldest Federal conservation agency. As such, it has been publishing the results of its research for more than 125 years, and the tradition of scientific publishing is continued today by the NMFS Scientific Publications Office (SPO) in Seattle, Washington, which is part of the Science Information Division of the Office of Science and Technology at NMFS headquarters.

Formal NMFS publications include the quarterly journals Fishery Bulletin and Marine Fisheries Review and the NOAA Professional Paper series (formerly NOAA Technical Report series). This website provides expanded information about the Fishery Bulletin.

The quarterly Fishery Bulletin (FB) is the oldest and one of the most authoritative fisheries journals in the world. It has been an official publication of the U.S. Government since 1881, under various titles, and is the U.S. counterpart to other highly regarded governmental fisheries science publications.The journal features both articles that reflect original research and interpretative articles for all interdisciplinary fields that bear on marine fisheries and marine mammal science.

Manuscripts submitted for publication in the Fishery Bulletin undergo peer review by senior scientists within and outside the government. The NMFS Scientific Editor, a scientist affiliated with one of the NMFS Science Centers who serves for a three-year period, is responsible for conducting the peer reviews and for accepting or rejecting manuscripts.

Although the contents of the Fishery Bulletin have not been copyrighted and may be reprinted entirely, reference to source is appreciated. The National Marine Fisheries Service does not approve, recommend, or endorse any proprietary product or proprietary material mentioned in the Fishery Bulletin. No reference shall be made to NMFS, or to this publication furnished by NMFS, in any advertising or sales promotion which would indicate or imply that NMFS approves, recommends, or endorses any proprietary product or proprietary material mentioned in the journal, or which has as its purpose an intent to cause directly or indirectly the advertised product to be used or purchased because of this NMFS publication.

ISI Impact Factor: 1.437
The Fishery Bulletin ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) Impact Factor (IF), which is a measure of how often a journal is cited by other science and social science journals and can be a measure of the importance of a journal to the scientific field, is currently listed as 1.437 (5-year IF).

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